Boston Sharpshooters – Playoffs

#1 Grizzlies
#2 SHARPSHOOTERS P8: Tue. Apr-03
9:00 pm @ Fessenden
P2: Mon. Mar-26
9:40 pm @ Wilmington
P21: Sun. Apr-15
7:30 pm @ Fessenden
SHARPSHOOTERS 4-3 P23: Sun. Apr-22
4:30 pm @ Fessenden
#3 Tuck Puck
Grizzlies 4-1
L-P8 Grizzlies
P15: Wed. Apr-11
TBA @ Fessenden
Grizzlies 4-2
L-P2 Tuck Puck

Playoffs are double-elimination. In the event of a tie game, the teams will play a 5-minute sudden-death overtime, time permitting. If the game is still tied, the teams go to a 5-player shoot-out, time permitting. If the game cannot be decided in the allotted ice time (80 minutes), the team with the better regular season record will win the game.

Playoff champions receive an automatic invitation to the League Championships in Toronto, June 1-3, 2007.

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