Boston Sharpshooters

The Boston Sharpshooters is an adult recreation hockey team composed of intermediate and "advanced novice" players. We skate in the C3 Division of Hockey North America's Boston league.

Unlike our brethrens on the Shooters, we take our hockey a little bit more seriously. But just a little bit...we still have lots of fun skating together, joking around in the locker room, and sharing beers after our games!

Please visit our pages here to learn more about the team and to meet our players! For more information or to learn how to join our team, please contact our captain Alex:
captain [at] bostonshooters [dot] com


Evaluation Skates And Season Start Date

The league has reserved the following ice for evaluation skates for the 2007-08 winter season:

Boston Sharpshooters:

Hockey North America:

Boston Sharpshooters 2007-08:

Boston Sharpshooters 2006-07: