Boston Shooters – Roster

Winter 2007-08 Team

The yes/maybe/no lists are based on emails from and conversations with the players. If you see yourself on the wrong list, or if you're listed under "???", please email me so I can update your status!

Important: If you're not on the "Paid" or "No", list, you must email me confirming your status! If I don't hear from you by Friday, Sept. 21st, I will consider your roster spot open for the upcoming season!


The league has listed all of our paid players on our team roster on the HNA website. If you should be on this list (i.e. you've signed up), please let me know and I'll confirm with the league.

  1. Mark Adamoyurka
  2. Tommy Anderson (passed eval 09-11)
  3. Alex Chou
  4. Tim Hamm
  5. Tim Lilley
  6. Carlton Lo
  7. Ken Mosher
  8. Gadi Reinhorn
  9. Seth Rudin
  10. Mike Sutherby
  11. Tom Volkert (former Shooter)
  12. Pat Wood
  13. Phil Young


Please email me to confirm that you're definitely skating this winter! Or just sign up and I'll move you to the "Paid" list! :-)

  1. Mike Banfield (goalie)
  2. Rob Willington (former Shooter)


Please let me know ASAP whether to move you up into the "Yes" list or bump you down to "No."

  1. Lorin Alusic
  2. David Statham


  1. Todd Neustat (moved to NYC)
  2. Keith Murphy (moved up to Sharpshooters)
  3. Gerry O'Neil
  4. Dave Sutherby (paid but withdrawing)


I don't have an email from you regarding your status and haven't seen you all summer. So please let me know if you're skating this winter!

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