Boston Shooters – Toronto 2008

Congratulations...we won the Division Championship and qualified for the HNA Championships in Toronto! :-)

Below are come information for the tournament weekend. Hope you can make it...we always have a great time there! :-)


  1. Final Update
  2. Tournament Package
  3. Tournament Schedule
  4. Tournament Rinks
  5. Who's Going?
  6. Basic Information
  7. Getting There (And Coming Back)
  8. Staying There

Team Photo:

Boston Shooters team photo, Toronto 2008

Final Update

Here are a few last-minute items before we leave for the weekend:

  1. IMPORTANT: Please remember to bring your Shooters jerseys and socks!!! And yes, we need black helmet and pants!
  2. Don't forget to bring a photo ID, preferrably a passport, both for tournament check-in and to get back into the U.S. afterwards.
  3. We'll meet in the lobby of the "team hotel" at 1 PM on Friday.

That's it...have a safe and smooth trip, and see you in Toronto! :-)

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Tournament Package

Here is the tournament package for our level:

Toronto 2008, Tier 4, Level 4

It includes the complete tournament schedule and stats for all the teams in our level.

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Tournament Schedule

Game Day Date Time Rink Opponent
1 Friday May-30 7:15 PM Westwood 5 N.Y. Badgers
2 Saturday May-31 12:30 PM Westwood 4 @ N.J. Ice Dragons
3 Saturday May-31 7:35 PM Westwood 2 Chicago Tops
Semis Sunday Jun-01 TBA TBA TBA
Finals Sunday Jun-01 12:00 PM Westwood 4 TBA

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Tournament Rinks

Map of the rinks and the International Plaza Hotel

Westwood Arenas

90 Woodbine Downs Blvd.
Rexdale, ON M9W 5S6

Directions to Westwood:

  1. From the International Plaza, exit the parking lot and turn left onto Dixon Road.
  2. Take the ramp on your right for Hwy 27 North.
  3. Stay on 27 for several minutes and look for Finch Ave (there's a supermarket at the corner).
  4. Continue on 27 past Finch, and take your next left onto Carrier Drive.
  5. Take the next right onto Woodbine Downs Blvd, and the rink will be on your left.

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Who's Going?

Here's a list of who's going:

No. Name Phone
38 Mike Banfield nine seven eight - three zero two - seven nine six seven
3 Mark Adamoyurka six one seven - seven nine four - two six three four
10 Pat Wood seven eight one - nine five six - zero seven nine five
14 Mike Sutherby
15 Alex Chou six two six - eight two six - one eight nine one
16 Tom Volkert six one seven - eight seven seven - two one six five
19 Tim Hamm six one seven - eight four zero - nine eight zero nine
21 Chantalle Forgues
27 Ken Mosher six one seven - eight seven five - three two one nine
36 Seth Rudin nine one seven - two three two - five zero one eight
66 Tom Anderson

Final head count: 10 skaters and a goalie.

Travel plans:

To the best of my knowledge, here's how everyone is planning to get to Toronto (or Buffalo):

JetBlue Flight 1219, the "team flight", arrives in Buffalo Thursday @ 10:32 PM:

US Airways Flight 3930, arrives in Buffalo Thursday @ 8:30 PM:

US Airways Flight 3737, arrives in Buffalo Friday @ 10:30 AM:

Flight to Toronto, Friday AM:

Carpool to Toronto, Thursday PM arrival:


It sounds like we're all staying at the "team hotel" in the following arrangement:

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Basic Infomation:

Here are some stuff from the league:

If you need to renew your passport, please check out these links:

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Getting There (And Coming Back):

Note: Please plan your travel so that you arrive by Friday noon! This guarantees that you will make our first game, regardless of when it's scheduled.

Best option

Here is the team's recommendation for transportation:

  1. Book a round trip on the "team flight" w/ JetBlue:
    Thursday May 29, Flight 1219
    Departs Boston at 9:05 PM
    Arrives Buffalo at 10:32 PM
    Sunday June 1, Flight 1218
    Departs Buffalo at 7:45 PM
    Arrives Boston at 9:07 PM
  2. Spend Thursday night in Buffalo, then drive to Toronto Friday morning (about 1 1/2 to 2 hours).
  3. After the tournament, drive back to Buffalo Sunday afternoon for the evening flight.

By car

If you choose to drive there, it's 8–10 hours each way:

  1. Take I-90 W until you're almost at Buffalo. (When you're near Albany, you have the option of staying on tne NY Thruway, where you'll "exit" onto I-87 for a while before getting back on I-90.)
  2. Take I-290 W and I-190 W to Niagara Falls and the Canadian border.
  3. Take Hwy-405 W for a few miles.
  4. Take QEW toward Toronto until Exit 139 (about 60 miles).
  5. Take Hwy-427 N (Exit 139) for a few miles.
  6. Exit at Dixon Road, which is where all the tournament hotels are located.

If you need to work Thursday, do the first half of the drive Thursday night, spend the night near Syracuse, Geneva, Batavia, or any other town along the Thurway, and finish the drive Friday morning.

By air

You also have the option of flying directly to Toronto. It's expensive, but it's the fastest way to get there.

It's safe to book your return trip for Sunday evening. The entire tournament should conclude by mid-afternoon.

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Staying There:

Just like in 2003, 2004, and 2007, the "team hotel" is the DoubleTree International Plaza.

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